2000 Year-Old Pyramids

Taking a little time away from food today, we decided to see a very unique archeological site in teotihuacan and make a few photos for Jackietara's blog. Not only are these the world's second tallest pyramids, but they were also built around 100 BC  to 400 AD. They actually predate the Mayans and the Aztecs. Also the population of this city is estimated to have been around 150,000. Some of the first communal living buildings have been found here, which are essentially 2000 year old apartment buildings. All around wild place.


I've been told a lot of things around the park are overpriced but waiting for us at the bus stop was a man selling a cooler full of popsicles. This is a pineapple with chili pepper. $0.50 and a Total slam dunk.